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“The Dirt” on Yard Waste Composting

Have you ever really thought about what happens to your yard waste after it gets picked up at the curb? Or what about the loose leaves that are collected on the roadside in Burlington and Oakville? Where does it go … Continue reading

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A Buy Nothing Day Challenge

November 25, 2011 is Buy Nothing Day (BND) in North America. What is BND you may ask? BND was created in Vancouver in 1992 by Ted Dave, a social critic and media activist, as a time for all of us … Continue reading

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3Rs Community Champion: White Oaks Futures Program Promotes Reuse

Did you know that plastic bags account for about 3% of the average household garbage bag in Halton? Concerned about the number of plastic bags being buried in the landfill, students in the Futures Program at White Oaks Secondary School, … Continue reading

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2011 Special Waste Drop-Off Day Wrap Up

Another year of Special Waste Drop-off Days has come to a close, and we had a great year Halton! Aside from a little rain (okay, a torrential downpour) and a bit of cold weather, all four events ran very smoothly, … Continue reading

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Conserve The Landfill – It Won’t Last Forever

Many people never think about where their garbage goes after it leaves the curb or is dropped down the chute. So it’s even less likely that anyone would wonder about how much space their waste takes up in a landfill. … Continue reading

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Garbage. Waste. What’s in a Name?

Many people use the words “waste” and “garbage” interchangeably. However, within the waste management profession, “waste” acutally means something different than “garbage.”  Waste is anything being thrown away, including Blue Box, GreenCart, Yard Waste, Household Hazardous Waste and Garbage materials.  Garbage … Continue reading

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What does FSC stand for?

Have you noticed a small tree symbol with the initials FSC under it on some of your mail lately? It is also on the back of Halton Region’s Waste Management Guide and Collection Calendar. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. … Continue reading

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Teaching Children about Recycling and the Environment

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” — I recently heard my 4 year old singing this. Sadly he didn’t learn this song from me, but as part of the curriculum at his daycare.  As I watched him take his 2 year old brother by the … Continue reading

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