Top 10 blogs about recycling and waste

??????????????This blog launched in September 2011, and since then, we’ve published 236 posts about waste management! Who knew there’d be so much to say about waste?

These posts have explored our personal and collective connections to waste; they’ve touched on local, provincial, national and international issues.

That’s one of the interesting things about waste: everyone makes it. And everyone has an opinion, a feeling, about waste.

When it comes to waste, there really is a lot to talk about, to share, to learn.

Top 10 red 3d realistic paper speech bubble isolated on whiteHere’s the all time, top ten blog posts we’ve published:

  1. What’s the size of Texas, made of plastic, and floating in the Pacific Ocean?
  2. What does FSC stand for?
  3. Teaching children about recycling with fun activities
  4. 4 Songs that Put Waste to Music
  5. What Earth Day means to me
  6. 2013 Halton Waste Management Guide and Collection Calendar – how it’s made
  7. True or False: Batteries should not go in the garbage?
  8. Garbage Sky High on Mount Everest
  9. Four ways waste management is changing – and what this means for jobs
  10. A day in the life of a garbage bag


About HaltonRecycles

Encouraging the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – for all residents, schools and businesses in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada. By recycling and composting more, we help extend the life of Halton's landfill, protecting the environment.
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4 Responses to Top 10 blogs about recycling and waste

  1. Thanks for compiling the list of these blog post, you have detailed them and written them over a period of time. I think nothing is more silly than the thought of considering something ‘waste’ and ‘useless’. Thanks for sharing a similar concern. The world needs more people like you 🙂

  2. Shawn B. Gonzales says:

    That’s interesting, everyone produces waste and each one has an opinion and feeling about these waste. Blogs are the perfect way for exchanging their ideas and opinions to public. I read most of the blogs you have listed here, the one “ What Earth Day means to me” was my personal favorite. The blog mainly focus on Earth Day, how it is founded and some related thoughts regarding Earth Day. Anyway thanks for making me remember about that and waste management is important because improperly stored waste can cause severe health issues and economic problems and these blogs will really help people to know more on this subject.

  3. Recycling at home is something many people are excited about as they use new programs and try to live sustainable, green lives. Take that passion with you to the workplace, by making sure your office or business is doing all it can to help recycle. I found this site, and I reclycle waste and make money. Worth to check.

  4. In the city of Edmonton right now I know that they recently released a waste management app, that allows users to more easily recycle and throw out waste. It even syncs up to the garbage collection schedule of the city. I thought this was pretty cool so I wanted to share it here.

    Also scientists are trying to find ways to turn sewage into fuel, if this happens this would be a great way to turn waste into reusable energy.

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