2011 Special Waste Drop-Off Day Wrap Up

Big Blue mascot encourages residents to visit Halton's Special Waste Drop-off Day

Big Blue helps direct traffic at a Special Waste Drop-off Day

Another year of Special Waste Drop-off Days has come to a close, and we had a great year Halton!

Aside from a little rain (okay, a torrential downpour) and a bit of cold weather, all four events ran very smoothly, thanks to the cooperation of all involved.  A special thanks to Halton residents who took the time to come out and support the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and be environmentally responsible.

We had 2,774 cars come through the four events and divert 67 tonnes of electronics, and 35 tonnes of Household Hazardous Waste from the landfill. That is a total of 220,000 lbs!

Did you attend one of Halton’s four drop-off events?  Share your experience with us!

For those residents unable to attend one of these drop-off events, there are a number of retail locations throughout Halton that will accept these waste materials at no charge Ontario Electronic Stewardship operates a program called Recycle Your Electronics for items such as computers, TVs and stereos, while Stewardship Ontario operates a program called OrangeDrop for items such as paint, disposable batteries, and pesticides.

If you are looking to dispose of additional materials like plastic shopping bags, cell phones or eyeglasses, check out Take It Back! Halton which is an easy reference guide of retailers and organizations that take back various items for reuse and recycling.  You can also stop in at the Halton Waste Management Site for your one-stop-drop at the Household Hazardous Waste Depot and Container Station.

About Andrea Graham

I currently work in the Waste Management Services division for Halton Region as the Administration Technician. This involves data management and analysis, and financial administration of the waste collection and processing contracts. I am determined to travel the world, and you may see me scooting around town on my Vespa.
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