Will you be my green Valentine?

Tree huggerIt may feel like we’ve just gotten through the holiday season and now it is already time to start thinking about yet another holiday — Valentine’s Day.

While Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, it can result in a lot of unnecessary waste.

Instead of buying cut flowers or greeting cards that get thrown away after a few days, poor quality stuffed animals, or unhealthy treats, set a new trend in your relationship by going green this Valentine’s Day.

Put wilted cut flowers in the GreenCart. Keep the vase for reuse.

Put wilted cut flowers in the GreenCart. Keep the vase for reuse.

Woo your sweetheart this year with a gift that keeps on growing. Don’t settle for cut roses that were transported hundreds of miles to get to your florist or grocer. Buy a potted plant they can enjoy a lot longer. If they love cooking, you could even buy potted  basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, or sage. If you do buy cut flowers, put them in the GreenCart once they’ve wilted. Plastic wrap goes in the garbage.

Send an e-card instead of buying a card. Sending an e-card will save you some green by going green as well. Or if you must buy a card, try to look for cards made from recycled paper. And remember to place old greeting cards in the Blue Box for recycling. Homemade cards made from construction paper (even with white glue or tempra paint) go in the GreenCart. If they have glitter or tape, they need to go in the garbage.

Why not sweeten your relationship with some organic and ethically made chocolates? Look for fair trade chocolate which is a more sustainable option. Empty chocolate cardboard boxes and rigid plastic trays go in the Blue Box. Uneaten chocolate goes in the GreenCart. Foil and plastic wrappers go in the garbage.

Picture frame made from wood hockey sticks

Picture frame made from wood hockey sticks

Give your loved one a piece of memory. Frame your favourite picture of the two of you in a recycled wood frame. Halton residents can drop off old wood hockey sticks at the Halton Waste Management Site, which are recycled into amazing picture frames.

Jewelry is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, so try to find a beautiful piece made from upcycled materials.

Why not wrap your gifts in your partner’s favourite page from the local newspaper? This will cut down on waste and well as money. Remember that wrapping paper goes in the garbage. Newspaper goes in the Blue Box. Check out other creative ways you can wrap up your gifts.

Green heart with environmental iconsYou could try some of these environmentally friendly ideas:

This Valentine’s Day, show that special someone how much you love them. And remember to show our environment some love too!

About this guest blogger:

Sanida Aljic, Guest Blogger

Sanida Aljic, Guest Blogger

I’m Sanida Aljic and I’m a Waste Management Works Clerk for Halton Region. I provide customer service support to residents. I’ve been exposed to all areas of waste management including collection operations, planning and landfill operations. My curiosity is tested daily, as I learn something new, exciting and interesting here every day. So, remember to separate your waste, because waste is more than just waste.

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1 Response to Will you be my green Valentine?

  1. pantomyym says:

    Great green take on this ridiculously expensive and wasteful day. Hoping to see more blog posts in the future.

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