All we want for Christmas… are environmentally friendly presents

With Christmas just around the corner, the award-winning HaltonRecycles team has visions of sugar plums, dancing in their heads.

The team has put together their environmentally friendly wish list for Santa.

“I’m hoping Santa brings me a new road bike this year, but I don’t think Santa has that kind of budget,” said Amy. “Instead this upcycled saddle bag is great! It’s made out of a decommissioned fire hose! How neat is that!”

“I’m hoping for clothing by Ten Tree. For every item purchased, ten trees are planted. The organization has a number of initiatives worldwide — from forest regeneration projects in the Philippines to soil cover and restoration in Haiti to aid in crop growth. The clothing is trendy, and supports a cause that I am very passionate about!” stated Lindsay.

“Who doesn’t love food? Especially food that is local, organic and responsibly grown. I’m hoping for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership this year,” said Mel. “CSA farms offer fresh, high quality vegetables or fruit with some farmers offering eggs, poultry, meat, herbs and honey. Each farm is different, but all offer fresh, healthy alternatives to produce picked too early and shipped for hundreds, even thousands of miles before making it to your local grocery store. Members receive produce from the farms’ bounty on a regular basis.”

Ben stated: “I’m one of those guys who loves gadgets. I also love the outdoors too. So what better than an extreme solar power charger; cause there’s nothing worse than having your iPod battery die while ice fishing. Trust me.”

“Since I’m a bit of a book-worm I would love to receive a Kobo gift card for my e-reader,” said Andrea. “There are always pros and cons to an e-reader: for example you don’t have to worry about storing your book collection, however you can’t share books with others as easily. Don’t get me wrong, I do still enjoy the look, feel and smell of a real book every now and then, but an e-reader is a great way to reduce the environmental footprint of paper printing, while still supporting authors.”

“I love music, and would love an environmentally friendly present like a drum set made from wine barrels,” explained Walter.

“This year, I have asked for snowboarding passes to some of my favourite ski resorts in Ontario. I can go after work to Glen Eden in Milton, Ontario or carpool on the weekend with some friends to Blue Mountain,” explained Allison. “Snowboarding is one of my favourite sports — you get to enjoy the great Canadian outdoors & stay active during the winter months. What more could a girl ask for!”

“I love going to the gym, but finding environmentally friendly gym clothes can be a challenge,” stated John. “So I was excited to find this shirt and shorts because they are made from recycled fibres. And I love the shirt’s reduce, reuse, recycle message.”

“I have never been one for wanting more, I am a practical girl after all. For instance this year during my Grey Cup party, my crock pot gave way after 15 years of good service,” Stacey stated. “I am not afraid to say ‘yes, wrap up a new one for me under the tree! Crock pots are a great way to use up all the leftovers in our fridge for a delicious family meal. And part of the old crock pot can be recycled through Halton’s metal and appliance collection program.”

Said Nicole: “I have enough stuff, but with three little kids couple time is definitely at a premium. I would love a nice dinner out with my husband to a nearby winery that emphasizes locally sourced ingredients, such as Vineland Estates Winery. An offer of babysitting services for the evening would make it a beautiful gift.”

Shirley kept her wish list nice and simple: “I really enjoy hiking on the local trails, so I would appreciate receiving an annual pass to Conservation Halton.”

Hopefully we’ll see some of these gifts (not wrapped in wrapping paper of course) under the tree (natural of course).

About HaltonRecycles

Encouraging the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – for all residents, schools and businesses in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada. By recycling and composting more, we help extend the life of Halton's landfill, protecting the environment.
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