Keep your GreenCart clean

It’s that time of year again; summer has ended.

For some of us, our GreenCarts have seen better days. The summer’s heat speeds up the decomposition of food waste in our GreenCart (which can cause odours), and can make our GreenCart a desirable home for insects.

Regularly cleaning your GreenCart will help reduce creepy crawlers and odours.

You can rinse your GreenCart and Kitchen Catcher with a hose.

You can rinse your GreenCart and Kitchen Catcher with a hose.

Even if you don’t have time for a thorough cleaning each week, an occasional rinse will make a big difference. Use a hose or water from a rain barrel to give your GreenCart a rinse. If you have a spray nozzle, use it.

For a more thorough cleaning, use a natural cleaning product like baking soda, vinegar, or a natural detergent and a rag to scrub the GreenCart.

Baking soda and vinegar deter fruit flies and help with odour; they are great to spray even when your GreenCart has material in it. Empty the water on to your garden or lawn.

You can follow a similar process for your Kitchen Catcher, but it is dishwasher safe, so you can always wash it along with your dishes.

As a basement renter, I do not have a hose, rain barrel, or dishwasher at my disposal. But I have come up with my own way of cleaning my GreenCart. I use my Kitchen Catcher as a bucket and fill it up with water. I pour water from my Kitchen Catcher in my GreenCart to give it a good rinse. Next, I sprinkle in my baking soda, soak my rag and get scrubbing. Once I have finished scrubbing both my GreenCart and Kitchen Catcher I drop the remaining water in my GreenCart for a final rinse, dump it out on the garden and voila — my GreenCart and Kitchen Catcher are smelling and looking great.

But let’s face it — not all of us love to clean, including me. So the best way to keep your GreenCart clean is prevention.

You can line your Kitchen Catcher or GreenCart with paper towel, newspaper, paper food waste bags, or a BPI certified compostable bag.

Since lining your cart is not required, here are some other tips to keep your GreenCart looking and smelling great:

  • Wrap food waste in newspaper or soiled paper towels or place in a cardboard box like a cracker or cereal box.
  • Store meat, poultry, fish and bones in the freezer until your collection day. Wrap meat and bones in paper and add additional layers of paper to your GreenCart. Use a paper milk carton (without a plastic spout) to collect fats and oils.
  • Clean out your fridge the day before GreenCart collection, that way material is not sitting for a long period of time
  • Avoid insects and other pests by sprinkling a handful of salt, garden lime, baking soda or powdered ginger in the GreenCart or Kitchen Catcher.

Using your GreenCart is a simple way to reduce your garbage. By keeping your Kitchen Catcher and GreenCart clean, you’ll be more likely to use it even more.

What are your tips for keeping your GreenCart clean?

About Amy Hartman

Hi, I’m Amy, the GreenCart Program Coordinator. I’m new to the Waste Management team and loving every second of it. My background includes a Bachelor of Science and Business from the University of Waterloo. At Halton I deal with everything involving the GreenCart, from single family homes to townhouses and apartments. I enjoy the smell of compost and helping residents overcome any GreenCart problems. Halton has some of the best trails around and in my spare time I look for forward to running and biking them.
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2 Responses to Keep your GreenCart clean

  1. Tom Harrison says:

    Not sure I agree with using a newspaper liner. I did (today) and the collector emptied the contents, and left the newspaper on the road to blow around in the wind.

  2. Amy Hartman says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the feedback! Your collector should have taken the newspaper along with the GreenCart contents. Newspaper is just one of the ways you can line your GreenCart. If it happens again let us know by calling 311.


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