Visiting the Halton Waste Management Site during the summer

The Halton Waste Management Site (HWMS) can be extremely busy during the summer. Here’s a few helpful tips and reminders to make your next visit simple and easy.

Welcome to the Scalehouse! Halton Region staff are ready to help at the Halton Waste Management Site

Welcome to the Scalehouse! Halton Region staff are ready to help at the Halton Waste Management Site

Check your Waste Management Guide and Collection Calendar for materials that are collected from the curb free of charge like bulk waste or yard waste. There are fees to drop off these items at the HWMS. In addition, metal and appliances are collected at the curb by appointment, free of charge. Dial 311 to schedule your pick up. If you bring metal and appliances to the HWMS, there’s a fee to drop them off.

When packing your vehicle with waste materials, be sure to keep materials somewhat separated, as you’ll have to separate materials when you get to the HWMS. For example, don’t put garbage bags on top off household hazardous waste, because household hazardous waste is the first thing you’ll drop off.

Most vehicles will go to the Scalehouse, where we’ll figure out what you’re dropping off and if a charge is required. Follow these tips to make your Scalehouse visit a successful one:

  • Drive onto the scale slowly and safely when the light is green.
  • If the light is red, don’t drive on to the scale. Be patient.
  • Make sure your front license plate can be seen by the operator.
  • Have your cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard ready to avoid creating line ups.
  • Stop at the operator’s window and roll down your window — remain in your vehicle.
  • Advise the operator of the type of waste materials you are dropping off and where they came from (a home, a business, etc.). 

Let the Scalehouse operator know if you are dropping off electronics, Blue Box recycling, GreenCart organics, tires, eye glasses, and natural corks because they are accepted free of charge, and if the operator doesn’t know, you could end up paying a fee for the drop off.  Also let the operator know if you have any concrete, asphalt, brick or soil. That way the operator will know to charge you the appropriate fee.

If the operator determines that you have less than 50 kg or less than 150 kg of waste, they’ll take your payment right there, and then you’ll drive to the designated area to drop off your material. If you are not sure where to go, ask for clarification before leaving the Scalehouse. Once you’ve dropped off your materials, you are done and can make your way out of the Site.

If your materials likely weigh more than 150 kg, the Scalehouse operator will give you a blue card and direct you to the appropriate area to drop off your materials. Once you’ve unloaded, head back to the Scalehouse. Drive up to the operator’s window and remain in your vehicle. Hand your blue card to the operator. A computerized weigh scale system will calculate your fees. This is based on your vehicle’s inbound weight minus your outbound weight — the difference in weight is how much you dropped off. Cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard payments are all accepted.

While at the Scalehouse, you can also pick up a:

Keep in mind the Halton Waste Management Site is open Monday to Saturday,  8 4:30 p.m. The Site is typically the busiest on Mondays and Saturdays; to avoid longer line ups, schedule your visit accordingly.

About this guest blogger:

Sanida Aljic, Guest Blogger

Sanida Aljic, Guest Blogger

I’m Sanida Aljic and I’m the Waste Management District Works Clerk for Halton Region. I provide administrative support services for operations at the Halton Waste Management Site. Fortunately, I’ve been exposed to all areas of waste management including collection operations, planning and landfill operations. My curiosity is tested daily, as I learn something new, exciting and interesting here every day.  So, remember to separate your waste, because waste is more than just waste.

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2 Responses to Visiting the Halton Waste Management Site during the summer

  1. Jean Gannon says:

    why do some Asda shops except recycling vouchers & not others it seems to be the Wallmart Asda that excepts Recycling vouchers but Halton council does not give them to use in Asda any way.

  2. Jean, thanks for your comment.

    This blog, and the Halton Waste Management Site, is associated with Halton Region in Ontario, Canada. I believe you want to contact Halton Council in the UK


    John Watson, Waste Diversion Education Coordinator, Halton Region

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