Halton residents divert a lot of waste at Special Waste Drop-off Days


Residents drop off materials at Halton Region's Special Waste Drop-off Days

Residents drop off materials at Halton Region’s Special Waste Drop-off Days

The final numbers are in for all seven of 2012’s Special Waste Drop-Off Days.

Over 5,200 vehicles dropped off materials at our seven events — in fact, Halton residents diverted 108 tonnes of household hazardous waste and 128 tonnes of electronic waste.  That means a total of 407,000 kilograms of waste didn’t go to landfill!  Thank you Halton residents for your support!

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the corporations that provide space to host these events: Sheridan College, Suncor, and Woodbine Entertainment.  In addition we would like to thank the Town of Halton Hills for use of their public works yards.  We would also like to thank our event contractors Hotz Environmental and Toronto Recycling Inc. for providing quick and efficient service.

If you missed our 2012 events, there are a number of retail locations throughout Halton that will accept electronics and household hazardous waste materials at no charge.  Halton residents can also drop off items at the Halton Waste Management Site.

In 2013, Halton will be hosting another seven Special Waste Drop-Off Days.  The first two events are coming up in April 2013.  We hope to see you there.

About joycewychan

I'm Joyce Chan, the Waste Management Program Coordinator for Halton Region where I am involved with project management. I am an avid skier and by using the Blue Box and GreenCart we can all help keep winter white.
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