Fifty Shades of Blue

Recycling bins are coloured blue based on the first curbside recycling program in Ontario.

Starting March 2013, Halton Region will be offering new Blue Boxes.  These Blue Boxes will be larger: 83 litres (22 gallons) instead of the current 60 litres (16 gallons).

The increased size will make collecting new acceptable Blue Box materials starting April 1, 2013, even easier.  Also, a taller Blue Box will reduce chances that materials will become litter on a windy day.

The new Blue Boxes are made of 60% post consumer recycled materials.  The boxes are still made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) #2 plastic and have the durability of the previous boxes.  Due to the high percentage of recycled plastic used to manufacture the box, you may notice a different shade of “blue.”

In Halton Region, if your Blue Box is broken, you can exchange it at the Halton Waste Management Site for a new one and the old one can be recycled.  Old Blue Boxes are ground up into plastic flakes to make new Blue Boxes.  The plastic flakes used in the product vary by batch and affect the colour of the finished plastic.

In March 2013, Halton is holding eight Blue Box Pick-up Events throughout the community where you can pick up one larger Blue Box at no charge. (Conditions apply). Starting March 11, 2013, the new larger Blue Boxes will be available at the Halton Waste Management SiteHalton Regional Centre and Robert C. Austin Operations Centre.

Of course, you can continue to use your existing Blue Boxes.

Remember, there is no limit to the number of Blue Boxes you can set out for collection.  There may be fifty shades of blue at the curb, but that’s just a sign that Halton residents are recycling as much as they can!

About joycewychan

I'm Joyce Chan, the Waste Management Program Coordinator for Halton Region where I am involved with project management. I am an avid skier and by using the Blue Box and GreenCart we can all help keep winter white.
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