2013 Halton Waste Management Guide and Collection Calendar – how it’s made

Look for your 2013 Waste Management Guide & Collection Calendar in your mailbox!

Look for your 2013 Waste Management Guide & Collection Calendar in your mailbox!

Starting this week, residents of Halton Region will start to receive their 2013 Waste Management Guide & Collection Calendar.  This annual publication not only provides you with your waste collection schedule, but also provides information about Blue Box and GreenCart acceptable materials, and other waste diversion programs.

While many of us are familiar with this annual calendar, and keep it tacked to our fridge or garage, I bet not many have stopped to consider the behind-the-scenes process of creating the Calendar — the largest public communication piece produced by Halton.

Did you know that the production of the Calendar takes about six months?  There are four different versions of the Calendar — one for each of the Local Municipalities: Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville.

The planning team of Halton Region’s Waste Management Services writes the first, text-only draft.  This text is circulated for input from Waste Management Services’ collections and landfill operations teams, plus Access Halton and Strategic Communications.  Final text approval takes about three weeks.

Once the text is approved, Halton’s Creative Services team incorporates the text into the design of the calendar pages.  There is much back-and-forth, to ensure the information is clear, easily readable and aesthetically pleasing.  The final version of the calendar is approved by the team, including the Commissioner of Public Works and Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr.  It takes about two months to three months to design the Calendar — between the four versions, there are over 130 pages that need to be designed.

Once everything is finalized the finished Calendar is electronically sent to the printer for proofs, approval, and finally production.  The Calendars then get sent to Canada Post for delivery in January.

Getting all four Calendar versions correct is a huge challenge, but it is nothing that compares with the delivery of the Calendar.

Understanding the delivery routes established by Canada Post is a challenge of epic proportions as some routes cross municipal or regional boundaries.  For example, some residents are physically located within the municipal boundaries of Halton but their postal code indicates that they live in another municipality.  Even within the more urban areas of Halton Region, some delivery routes will cross municipal boundaries.   We don’t want residents receiving the wrong calendar or residents outside of Halton Region receiving a calendar.

When you do receive your new Waste Management Guide & Collection Calendar, please take the time to read all the information.  A lot of effort has gone into ensuring you receive the most up-to-date, accurate and important information about our various programs.

A reminder that Calendars in Halton Region run from February to January, so please don’t put your old Calendar into your Blue Box in December.

About joycewychan

I'm Joyce Chan, the Waste Management Program Coordinator for Halton Region where I am involved with project management. I am an avid skier and by using the Blue Box and GreenCart we can all help keep winter white.
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5 Responses to 2013 Halton Waste Management Guide and Collection Calendar – how it’s made

  1. Francine Gerson says:

    I live at XXXX Cleaver Ave and As of today, January 25, i have not yet received my 2013 calendar. Have they been distributed yet? Thank you.

  2. Francine, thanks for your comment. Calendars were mailed starting January 15, 2013. You should have received yours by now. We have put a calendar in the mail for you. You can also view your calendar online at http://www.halton.ca/wastecalendar.

    – John Watson, Waste Diversion Education Coordinator, Halton Region

  3. steven says:

    Where can I find a calendar showing each area scheduled bulk collection for purposes of those who reuse bulk items or metal collection other then using the calendar tool?

  4. You can dial 311 and order a Waste Management Guide & Collection Calendar for each municipality to be mailed to you.

    – John Watson, Waste Diversion Education Coordinator, Halton Region

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