Alton Village Public School is going green

We are the Alton Village Public School Eco Team — a brand new elementary school in north Burlington.

Our school is working hard every day to recycle and compost. The Eco Team promotes this by having announcements about what things can go into the Blue Box and GreenCart, reminding students on pizza day to put their paper plates in the GreenCart — not the garbage!

We have just started a campaign to tell people to bring Litterless Lunches to school every day. We are going to make announcements and encourage them to bring Litterless Lunches so their class can win a prize.

We are doing surprise checks once a week to see how classes are doing! We hope that by doing this we will reduce our garbage and waste at school. In the future we’re hoping to get everybody doing it so we can reduce our waste and have smaller garbage cans! We want to be an awesome Ontario EcoSchool!

About these guest bloggers:

Hannah and SajalGuest Bloggers

Hannah and Sajal
Guest Bloggers

Hannah and Sajal are both Intermediate students at Alton Village Public School. They are both very excited to be a part of the first ever Alton Village Eco Team and have been working hard to promote “LOSO” (Lights Off Screens Off) and Litterless Lunches at their school.

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  1. bob says:

    heyyyyyy thats meeee, in the purple

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