Score a touchdown for the environment! Make your Grey Cup party green


Coming from the Canadian prairies, Grey Cup football parties were a time to show my “Rider Pride” green.  Now “green” takes on a whole new meaning, with efforts to make my Grey Cup party environmentally friendly.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup, which is being held Sunday, November 25, starting at 6 p.m. in Toronto.

In this year’s party invite, I asked all my guests bring a reusable bag so they can take their empties home, and I reminded them not to bring any plastic water bottles — only reusable bottles, please.  This year I will ensure there is a pitcher of water with lemon wedges available for my guests.  When you are done with the lemons they go in the GreenCart.

Ensuring your kitchen is set up with a recycling and organics area will make it easier for guests who will not have to guess where everything goes.  It also makes it faster and easier for you on the clean up.

What’s a party without food?  I love to cook and I love to entertain, so here are some ideas on what I serve:  chili, sausage rolls, wings, veggie tray, salad — and what would a party be without nachos and salsa.

Sunday morning will begin with me getting out the crock pot and starting the chili.  I make sure my preparation area is set up ahead of time with the cans of pinto and red kidney beans, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce.  Don’t forget all cans go in the Blue Box to be recycled.   If your recipe has ground meat it in, make sure the empty Styrofoam tray goes in the garbage (rinse it first to reduce odours).  Pour any fat into an empty milk carton (no plastic spout) and then put the whole milk carton into your GreenCart.  Never pour fat down your sink drain.  And if your recipe calls for a bottle of beer, these you take back to The Beer Store.

A big tray of vegetables is always a must.  When prepping your veggies, stickers and elastic bands go in the garbage.  Any peelings or ends from your veggies go in the GreenCart.

I admit it: I do not make my sausage rolls from scratch.  So when purchasing a box of those yummy sausage rolls or wings make sure if you use parchment paper to cook them, the parchment paper goes in the GreenCart, or better yet, use a non-stick pan to reduce waste.  Fold the boxes down and place inside your Blue Box for recycling.  If they came in a plastic bag, those go in the garbage.

I make sure that I purchase paper plates, bowls and napkins that can be put in the GreenCart.  At the end of the party, the paper plates and leftover food waste can go right in the GreenCart — no scraping!  You can even purchase paper drinking cups for your beverages!  Those also go in the GreenCart too.

So no matter what team you are rooting for at this year’s 100th Grey Cup — score a touchdown for the environment.

Let me know what foods you will be serving and how you’ll make your Grey Cup party, or any other sporting event party, greener!

About Stacey Gibbs

Hi, I’m Stacey, I'm a Waste Management Operations Assistant. I take care of the wide variety of calls that Halton Region receives daily involving collection issues, and other all waste related inquiries.
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