10 Ways to Repurpose Common Household Items

Whether you want to save some money, add a unique decorative touch to your home, or you just do not want to throw something out, there are many ways you can reuse common household items. Here are some suggestions to help get your creativity flowing!

Spaghetti Sauce Jars
Once you have used the sauce, clean these out and peel off the label. Now you can use this as a planter for herbs and small flowers. You can leave it plain or paint the glass for more flair.

Old Vases or Large Glass Bottles
If you have an old vase that you no longer use or a large glass bottle that has an interesting shape, turn this into a lamp. You can buy bulb fixture kits and these are pretty easy to put together.

Plastic Pop Bottles
While all plastic pop bottles are accepted in Halton’s Blue Box program, you can choose to turn them into useful items. Smaller bottles can become cold packs. Just fill with water and freeze it (leave some empty space at the top of the bottle to prevent from leaking).

Shoe Boxes
Shoe boxes can be used for storage and they stack easily. You can use wallpaper to decorate them and make them more appealing if you are storing them in sight.

Toilet Paper Rolls
These can be used to organize extension cords. Paper towel rolls can also be used. Just wrap the cord around the roll and place the end into an opening on the roll for easy and neat storage.

The comics in the newspaper can double as wrapping paper. This can be used for any occasion from birthdays to Christmas.

Garden Hose
If you have an old hose with holes, poke some more in there. This can be used as a sprinkler. Just be sure to seal off the other end.

Shredded Paper
This can be used in gifts and mailed packages to fill empty space and protect the item inside.

Once these are too worn to properly clean your teeth, they are often still effective to scrub stains out of clothes. You can also use them to clean tight corners or grout in your home.

An old pair of jeans can become potholders with some padding and a little time sewing.

These are just a few ways to get you started reusing common household items.  If you have other ideas, please feel free to leave a comment and share them with me!

About this guest blogger:

Mike Zook lives in Massachusetts, USA, and has been writing about environmental issues for the spills containment industry for nearly ten years. When he’s not writing, you can find Mike raising awareness for animal rights at the local Humane Society.

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