How We Compost Yard Waste

Ever wonder how yard waste is composted in Halton Region?

In this 2 minute second video, I interview Luke McCarter of Gro-Bark, who explains how yard waste is composted into a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer. Luke also offers some tips to  help make our compost great!

About Allison Tyldesley

Hi I’m Allison and I am the Landfill Technician at the Halton Waste Management Site. I provide technical and administrative support services for the solid waste operations at the landfill. My motto: The sky is the limit!
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2 Responses to How We Compost Yard Waste

  1. Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful and informative video…

    • Walter Scattolon says:

      Thanks Recycle-Adelaide, we are glad you liked the video and look forward to making more information-packed pieces on recycling and waste diversion practices.

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