St. Luke: Eco’s Best Friend

St. Luke Catholic Elementary School is a great school because we use R, R, R!  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

First we have “Walk to School Day,” which is a day where our whole school walks to school so we don’t have to pollute the Earth’s air with the emissions that come out of the car. Another good thing about our school is that we make posters and announcements reminding students about important eco-tips.  For example, “Don’t just use one side of paper use the back too!”

We also have litterless lunch days where our school has to bring reusable containers or recyclable lunches so we don’t make more waste and make our world filthy with waste. YUCK!  Our school is always encouraging students to use the GreenCarts and Blue Boxes. We have signs on each of the GreenCarts telling what goes in it.

Who wants to waste electricity? No one I hope! So we make sure to shut our lights and computer monitors off. But just to make sure, our Eco Club goes around with a check book that has a list of all the classes and a table of monitors and lights we will mark if they followed the eco rule if not we will shut the light or monitor off.

Don’t you just love gardening? We sure do! Last year, we planted ten new trees around the playground. We also put mulch around all of the trees to keep them nice and healthy and we make sure no one steps in the mulch or hurts the trees. Trees give off plenty of oxygen. Less trees means less oxygen, so don’t forget to keep planting!

Thank you for reading I hope your school is as eco-friendly as ours!

About this guest blogger:

I’m Trinity Hantzakos, a grade five student at St. Luke Catholic Elementary School in Oakville, Ontario.

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