Let’s reduce, reuse, recycle when going back to school

It’s yet again that time of year… back to school!

It’s time to find out what can be reused from last year’s wardrobe and what school supplies are still in good condition to be used again.

As each school year comes to an end, I inspect my children’s backpacks, lunch bags and school  supplies to see what can be stored away and reused in September.

Last year we invested in really good backpacks that have a rubber bottom and they have shown little wear — sometimes spending a bit more can be better for the environment as you don’t have to be wasteful each year, consuming a new bag.  My girls have taken great care of their pencil crayon cases — they were purchased four years ago, back in grade one, and they’re still in use!

In early August I start checking the flyers to see what is on sale and we get our school supply list emailed to us for what will be required, this year in grade four the only bigger ticket items will be a calculator and dictionary!

School clothes.  I have such fond memories of my mom and I shopping for that “first day of school” outfit.  Oh how I loved those shopping trips.  I now make memories with my two girls as we purchase new clothes for them.  I also have family members who give the girls their hand-me-downs.  I wash these items  and place them in totes marked with the appropriate season and age.  My girls consider it quite the deal to go through these boxes and find new outfits they will give a second life to!  And as my girls outgrow their clothes I do the same for a neighbour mom with triplets — so most items are reused even more.

There are lots of great tips to help to keep both new and used clothes looking their best longer.

The girls went to daycamp for most of the summer this year, so I really didn’t get much of a break from late night or early morning sandwich making sessions.  But school is just that much more exciting as I try to ensure they have at least one hot lunch a week, especially when the cooler weather arrives.  Their hot Thermos is dug out of the cupboard, washed and is ready to go.

What are some of the ways you reduce, reuse and recycle as you get ready for the first day back to school?

About Stacey Gibbs

Hi, I’m Stacey, I'm a Waste Management Operations Assistant. I take care of the wide variety of calls that Halton Region receives daily involving collection issues, and other all waste related inquiries.
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2 Responses to Let’s reduce, reuse, recycle when going back to school

  1. Great article about reusing! I like the tip about rubber bottom backpacks, I have found that they last at least 2 times as long as the canvas material ones! It is worth spending a little more to get a better backpack!

  2. Silver says:

    If your child will carry a lunch box this year, strive to pack lunches that are 100 percent waste-free. Start with a reusable lunch box or bag, keeping an eye open for one made from recycled material. Invest in a few reusable food containers.

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