Students at M. M. Robinson High School Go Green

Sorting waste at M.M. Robinson High School

Our Grade 11 Environmental Sciences class at M. M. Robinson High School has been contributing a lot to making our school a greener place.

Our class has personally led the implementation of the GreenCart program at our school and has been teaching the students and staff alike how to use it correctly.  So far we have GreenCarts in our school’s cafeteria, all of the science classrooms, the cosmetology room, and the music room.

A reusable Eco Rams stainless steel water bottle sold by student at M.M. Robinson High School

Our class has also been teaming up with the Grade 11 Marketing class at our school to sell reusable stainless steel water bottles our class had designed. We are doing this to promote reusing water bottles and creating awareness about the problems of all of the disposable plastic water bottles.

With the money that our class makes selling our reusable water bottles, we hope to purchase a water bottle refilling station for our school in hopes that it will help promote the idea of reusing water bottles, even plastic ones.

It only takes a small group to make a big change anywhere, whether it be at school or anywhere else in life so think about what you and your friends can do to make a difference.

About this guest blogger:

I’m Laura Mulrooney and I’m a grade 11 student at M. M. Robinson High School. I am 16 years old. I’m a full time student and I live in Burlington, Ontario. I am an aspiring writer and enjoy reading, writing, and listening to music. I hope to get into writing professionally someday.

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1 Response to Students at M. M. Robinson High School Go Green

  1. ecoseed says:

    Wow. This is great. It’s always good to hear about students implementing green projects. Maybe your school could apply for the Global High School Prize at the Zayed Future Energy Prize. Check it out here: http://igoogle/business/asia/15052-renewable-energy-prize-opens-500-000-award-in-the-high-school-category

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