Yard sales have always been great for the environment

A sign for all times.

Yard sales have been around for as long as there have been yards with green grass. That’s likely because the original motivation to have one still holds true today:

“I have more stuff than I need, but maybe someone else needs it and will take if off my hands… and perhaps I can make some cash. Time for a yard sale!”

Sounds exciting and motivating!  It also leads us towards the golden rules of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and away from the “final option” known as the landfill.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We all know that chant by now. But, what could match that motto better than a yard sale? Here’s why it fits:

Reduce: If we can reduce the amount of consumables that need to be made or replaced in the first place, we are making the biggest difference of all the 3Rs. Something you need can likely be found at someone’s local yard sale this weekend.  Bargains to be had for sure!

Reuse: If we can reuse something with usable life still left in it, why would we send it to the landfill or to be recycled?  Why wouldn’t we find someone else who can make use of it first?  Check out Freecycle or Kijiji.  Put it in your yard sale preparation pile. Someone out there needs your stuff — don’t chuck it out!

Recycle: The third “R.”  It gets all the attention, doesn’t it? Well, that is for good reason. The easiest thing usually gets done first and recycling has become pretty easy — just get it to the curb on time and someone else will make sure it gets recycled properly. But, not everything goes in the Blue Box. If it isn’t accepted in the Blue Box, then it’s time to put those items in your yard sale preparation pile and see if they sell!

Need proof? Take a good look at this yard sale photo. See anything you need? I bet you do and, if you have your own sale planned, others will probably find it attractive too. In fact, most people find it impossible to NOT stop to shop at a yard sale… its like bees to pollen.

A deal finder’s heaven!

So, go for it!

Hold a yard sale!

Getting organized for a yard sale or garage sale may seem like a lot of work and effort, but the environment will thank you for it.  If you price your yard sale items right, you may end up with nothing but a pile of extra cash and a whole bunch more space in your home! Not a bad trade for being more green. What you do with that cash is your business, but many people use yard sales as a fundraising opportunity for charities and special causes.

The environment thanks you…very much!

Pump up the green aspects by thanking your customers for choosing to reuse instead of buying new. And remember to donate left over items to your local reuse center, or the Reuse Depot at the Halton Waste Management Site.

You may be surprised at how friends and neighbours will gladly pay you for your excess stuff.  People love to get a good deal and hunt for that rare find. They also like to buy local, and yard sales are a perfect way to do that — letting us buy within our own neighbourhoods.

Please tell us how your yard sales go this year and share with us why you think yard sales have always been green!

What has been your best yard sale find ever, and why? Let us know!

About Walter Scattolon

Hi! I'm Walter and I've been Halton Region's Landfill Technologist since 2004. Keeping tabs on Halton's only open municipal landfill is a big part of my job and so is managing the Landfill Gas Collection system on site. How much space do we have left for waste? What about the greenhouse gases? When should we build the next cell in the landfill? - These are all questions I find the answers to, year after year.
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2 Responses to Yard sales have always been great for the environment

  1. Walter Scattolon says:

    How timely!
    The Toronto Star’s MoneyVille has just posted an article about
    “How to throw a successful yard sale.”
    It’s the season for going green!

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