Cheers to a 3Rs Community Champion: The Carafe Wine Makers (Georgetown)

What does a full-bodied Shiraz with a hint of cassis and saving the planet have in common?

Carafe Wine Makers in Georgetown of course! Owners Don and Catherine Jones have committed themselves to a great business with an extremely strong environmental mission.

Don and Catherine contacted me a couple of years ago to have their store listed in the Take It Back! Halton directory. The Carafe Wine Makers store in Georgetown encourages residents to bring their natural corks into the store to be sent for recycling. Don and Catherine take the time to collect these materials and when they have a few large bags full, they bring them to Jelinek in Oakville. What is even more impressive is that Carafe Wine Makers automatically donates the financial incentive received from Jelinek to Don’s favourite charity Habitat for Humanity Halton.

Don and Catherine have not “corked” their recycling initiatives with just one item. The wine making business generates various plastic wastes and Catherine did not feel right about throwing it in the garbage. Through Catherine’s efforts, she was able to find a company that would recycle about five different types of plastic packaging, such a wine bladders. Carafe Wine Makers also recycles their cardboard wine boxes, give away tissue paper and large pails for reuse, and The Beer Store takes back wine bottle carboys.

Catherine estimates that they are able to divert a remarkable 60% to 70% of material away from the landfill with their efforts.

While it takes a little more time and energy to prepare some of the materials for collection, Don and Catherine know they are doing the right thing for their community and the planet. Not to mention they are saving money on garbage disposal!

Numerous businesses in Halton provide additional “take-back” stewardship programs. Many of these programs are established through corporate initiatives. What is really impressive is that there are a handful of businesses in Halton performing their own “outside of the Blue Box” waste management initiatives. Some of the initiatives include:

  • Collecting Styrofoam packaging peanuts from residents for reuse
  • Collecting glass floral vases and containers for reuse
  • Giving away cardboard boxes that are still in usable condition
  • Giving away various small and large plastic containers that are great for storage
  • Reusing clear bags that product comes in used for garbage
  • Giving away paper bags for leaf and yard waste bags
  • Giving away cardboard tubes for shipping containers or document holders
  • Donating plastic receipt roll centres to schools to use for crafts
  • Setting up a pop tab collection for charity
  • Setting up a “backyard” composter for vegetable scraps

Next time you are in your regular neighbourhood store, check to see if they are participate or would be willing to participate in any “outside of the Blue Box” reuse or recycling initiatives.

If you are or know of a business that is taking part in an environmental initiative, please share the information with us!

About Nicole Meek

Position: Waste Management Program Coordinator Passion: collaborating with my colleagues in projects that require team effort. Strange Obsession: Excel spreadsheets, I always find an excuse to whip one up! At Home: I love being active, running/walking my dog, biking with my husband, or participating in various exercise regimes.
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