National Sweater Day

Thursday, February 9 is National Sweater Day.  A day to celebrate all those tacky and wacky sweaters you have hidden deep in your closet.  You know the ones I mean — sweaters with mooses and ducks and flowery appliques.

But why pay homage to these knitted creations?  Well, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) wants all Canadians to take action against climate change by turning down the heat in their homes, schools and businesses on February 9.

At home, turning down the heat is an easy thing to do.  It can be more challenging in schools or businesses where thermostats are often controlled by a computer system, and most people don’t have access to the controls.

But on last year’s National Sweater Day, I was actually at a work meeting in which the organizers arranged with their facilities department to make the lowering of the temperature possible.  Throughout the meeting, attendees would ask “how’s the temperature?”  If the response was “fine,” they’d lower the heat again, and more and more sweaters — stripes and snowflakes and all — would appear.

This year, I plan to wear one of my Dad’s “Bill Cosby” sweaters.  But in case I forget, the WWF has come up with a great way to remind me (and you and your friends).  The have a “Granny Call Centre,” staffed by grandmothers who will call you on the day to remind you to wear a sweater.  And the grandmothers speak different languages.  I’ve arranged for Mavis to give me a ring!

If you need a suitably fun sweater, be sure to visit one of the many reuse centres located throughout our community.

Let me know how you did on National Sweater Day.  What temperature did you lower your home or office to? Be sure to email us some photos of your sweaters!

About John Watson

I'm a communicator, educator and project manager with a focus on environmental and public works issues. Previously, I was the Onboarding Director for ReCollect Systems, where I implemented digital communication products for municipalities and non-profits. For eight years, I was the Waste Diversion Educator Coordinator for Halton Region, where I implemented award winning communications and outreach programs.
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